Thadeaus D. Umpster, persona non grata

ThadeausFrom NYC ABCF:

Today the Love and Resistance collective, NYC Anarchist Black Cross (ABCF-NYC), Support NY, Bitches Roll Deep Anarcha-feminist collective, Aftershock Action Alliance, the New School in Exile, Students Creating Radical Change (NYU), and other individuals active in the anarchist and revolutionary scenes in New York City find ourselves in the position of issuing the following statement:

Dennis Burke aka Thadeaus D. Umpster has been around anarchist groups in NYC since 1999, residing in a well-known anarchist house in Brooklyn, NY and part of the largely defunct group A New World in Our Hearts.

While initially considered a comrade by some of us, Thadeaus’ erratic, disruptive, abusive and otherwise troubling behavior caused almost everyone in NYC to disavow him. Thadeaus has been called out multiple times for abusive behavior, by both ex-partners and other women who have come in contact with him, and by survivor support groups. Those of us who have been involved in political projects with Thadeaus have seen his dominating, manipulative and stubborn behavior destroy groups and drive dozens of people away.

Until now some of us have held our tongues on the subject (in retrospect for way too long), but recent events have made it impossible to do this any longer. In the past year Thadeaus has become more isolated, as well as violent and bizarre in his behavior. He has forcibly entered into rooms of other people in the collective house he lives in, and has repeatedly called the police on roommates who confront him about this behavior. Thadeaus recently threatened a roommate who has a pending legal case, with contacting the district attorney’s office, and volunteering to testify as a character witness against them.  In short, Thadeaus will not hesitate to use the police or the threat of the police to hold power over others.
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Christopher Monfort death penalty decision due by June 15

Again a little dated (December 29), but another mainstream media story with an update on the trial of Christopher Monfort in Seattle, accused of firebombing police vehicles and killing a police officer.  From the Seattle Times:

King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg will decide by June 15 whether to seek the death penalty against the man accused of killing Seattle police Officer Timothy Brenton on Halloween night. Defense attorneys for Christopher Monfort had asked for the delay so they can prepare information in opposition to the death penalty for their client.

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Chile: Basque compa framed for Temuco bombings remains in preventative detention

This morning, district attorney Sergio Moya (readers, keep him in mind) formalized charges against our Basque compa for the crime of possession of explosive material, plus an infraction of the arms control law. He therefore requested that Asel remains in prison, and his request was granted by public safety judge Alejandra García. In this way, our compa is being considered a “menace to society” thanks to the explosives planted in his house by the police.

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Urgent Fundraising Appeal for Scott DeMuth

Since our last update, Scott has succeeded in finding an awesome radical attorney, Michael Deutsch from the People’s Law Office in Chicago. A brief bio is available here:

This is great news, but it also means that we need to raise a $10,000 retainer by next Wednesday. If you’ve been thinking about making a donation to Scott and Carrie’s defense fund at some point, or about putting together a fundraiser, the need is greatest now. Scott’s charge is absurd, but the federal government is quite capable of securing false convictions, and he needs an experienced and committed attorney in order to fight this and win. If we’re not able to raise this initial sum, it will be a serious setback in the progress of Scott’s case and support for both him and Carrie.

Donations can be made two ways:

1. Via the Paypal button at
2. By writing a check to “Coldsnap Legal Collective” with “EWOK!” in the
memo line, and mailing it to:
EWOK! c/o Coldsnap
PO Box 50514
Minneapolis, MN 55405
(If you mail a check, please email us at and let us know
to expect it.)

Please donate, and please spread this plea far and wide. If you need help
setting up a fundraiser, contact us at

Thanks for your continued support,
friends of Scott and Carrie

Greece: New NFC arrest in Athens exposes antiterrorist sham


New Nuclei of Fire related arrest in Athens exposes the volume of persecuting sham as antiterrorist chief admits police knew the innocence of the arrested.

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Palestine: Israeli Occupation Forces pay a “social visit” to Bil’in

“Just doing my job”

At dawn today, some 35 to 40 Israeli Occupation Forces in 6 jeeps and a troop carrier raided the home of Rani Ayub in the West Bank village of Bil’in: there were no arrests as Rani was arrested four weeks ago in his home and has been held, incommunicado, since then in the notorious Mascobia (Russian Compound) police/interrogation center in West Jerusalem with no family visits, access to lawyers or even a charge. Iyad Burnat, head of Bil’in’s Popular Committee say’s the occupation soldiers were on a trawling exercise, seeking documentation and Rani Ayub’s mobile phone.

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Ankara, Turkey: 23 arrested in solidarity demo with cons. objector

From Ainfos:

On 6th of January 2010 in Ankara, cops violently attacked activists* from Solidarity Initiative with Conscientious Objector Enver Aydemir arresting 23 people. The activists were demanding release of the conscientious objector Aydemir who had faced torture in military jail.

They used their right to remain silent in the police station. 22 of them were released after spending over 24 hours in jail following their questioning by the public prosecutor. However, one of them (Volkan S.) was detained and will stay in jail waiting for the first trial. (Lawyers will appeal for his release tomorrow.)

* [Most of them anarchists, also some socialists, feminists & anti-militarists.]