Greece: Another arrest in “conspiracy of the cells of fire” case

The “conspiracy of the cells of fire” is an anonymous anarchist conspiracy that has claimed several bombings in Greece over the past year.  After arrests were made in September of individuals the police claimed to be part of the group, however, bombings continued–the National Bank was bombed by the conspiracy just last week.  For more background on the case, click here.

From Occupied London blog:

On Tuesday evening, a 26-year old student was arrested for his alleged participation to the “conspiracy of the cells of fire”, marking the 16th arrest for this case. The student had appeared at his local police station in Zografou, Athens, to fulfill his bail conditions, having being arrested at the demonstrations during the European Social Forum in Athens (in 2006 – and still awaiting trial…) Apparently, the fingerprints of the 26-year old were in mobile objects in the house raided in Chalandri, Athens in September 2009. His fingerprints were verified, the police want us to believe, a whole four months later and his arrest warrant was issued on December 31. He will appear before the public interrogator tomorrow (Thursday).