Letter from Cop15 prisoners in Denmark

This is a letter written by friends who are still imprisoned in Denmark. Also check out the prisoner support website – Cop-enhagen.net

Please note this is not signed by Noah because he is in a separate holding from all the other Cop15 prisoners and is in communication isolation, not permitted to communicate to anyone on the outside.  But we can communicate with him!  Please keep writing!

Something is rotten (but not just) in Denmark. As a matter of fact, thousands of people have been considered, without any evidence, a threath to the society. Hundreds have been arrested and some are still under detention, waiting for judgement or under investigation. Among them, us, the undersigned. We want to tell the story from the peculiar viewpoint of those that still see the sky from behind the bars.

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Russia: Sentence overturned in anti-fascist self defense case

From the Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow, we’ve received word that the original sentence (probation and restitution, as according to Russian law for manslaughter in self-defense) for anarchist anti-fascist Yuri Mishutkin has been overturned, so Yuri will have to return to court and could face much higher sentencing.

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Chile: Anarchist arrested in connection with bombings

A 38-year-old Basque anarchist Asel Luzzaraga is under arrest in the southern Chilean city of Temuco for his alleged involvement in an unsuccessful bombing at the Justice Ministry for the La Araucanía region on Thursday, and is also under investigation for at least four other bombings.

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