Robert Seth Hayes Fights for a Diabetic Diet in Prison

Dec. 26, 2009

We are happy to report that all disciplinary charges against Seth due to his recent diabetic episode have been dropped. He is back on the honor block and no longer in keep-lock. It is truly amazing to think that a diabetic incident in which a person’s blood sugar plunges to 32 and then soars to 620 within a short amount of time can be classified as a disciplinary incident, but all DOCS rules are made to be broken when it comes to our freedom fighters.

However, this fluctuation in blood sugar levels is a continuing problem for Seth, as the prison does not provide a diabetic diet, although it is classified as a medical facility. Fresh fruits and vegetables, so important for diabetics, are practically impossible to find in either the visiting room machines or the commissary, not to mention the mess hall.

Apparently NYSDOCS has never heard of whole grains or a heart healthy diet. One has to wonder how dangerous a green pepper, a cherry tomato or some spinach leaves must be in the hands of an inmate and what a threat this is to the guards. An entire green salad would probably cause a total lockdown!

Seth’s wife Sheila is working hard on being given permission to bring Seth fresh fruits and vegetables when she visits, but prisoners at Wende are only allowed two 20 pound food packages a year. Obviously, Sheila cannot do this alone and needs our help.

We still need to call both Wende and Commissioner Brian Fischer in Albany and demand that a diabetic diet be provided to all inmates with diabetes at all NYS Correctional Facilities.

The number to call at Wende is: 716-937-4000. Ask to speak with the warden about this issue. Make sure you use Seth’s DIN number: 74A2280

The NYSDOCS number is 518-457-8126. Ask to speak with Commissioner Brian Fischer about this issue.

Obviously, due to the force of inertia, this will be difficult to accomplish. At the same time, we should stress that Seth’s wife Sheila is more than willing to provide him with some fresh produce until the dietary issue is resolved.

Write to Seth. It is very important that he receive letters at this time:
Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280, Wende C.F., P.O. Box 1187, Wende Rd.,
Alden, NY 14004-1187

Free All Political Prisoners! •

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