Memphis: Bash Back squat raided

Bash BackIn the late hours of Saturday, October 3, while most Bash Backers were out running errands or partying the night away; a fleet of five or so cop cars made their way toward the Marsha P. Johnson Queer Collective (known to many as simply the BB! Memphis Squat) on Bruce Street.

Upon arrival, without any announcement to vacate or any eviction notice in tow, two of the cops promptly approached a side window, using their steel flashlights to break through.

With guns drawn; several cops entered the community room adjacent to the broken window, where two queer youth who had been staying at the collective were making love. They immediately ordered the partially-dressed duo outside, dragging them through the broken window pane.

By this time, several supportive neighbors had began to rally across the street in their defense, screaming things at the cops like “Leave our neighborhood, pigs” and “Leave those kids alone”. At one point, one neighbor, an older person of color, was told if he did not settle down and leave he would be arrested also.

Our next door neighbors, however, who collaborated with the police in the sting, however, began screaming homophobic and racist obscenities and were never asked to “settle down”.

The youth were questioned but refused to give the location of any other house members.

As of today the two youth were released to the custody of their parents without formal charges, while patrol cars have been seen cruising Bruce Street non-stop. The house has not been boarded up yet, and both the locks and our goals remain the same.

Fuck the cops,
-BB! Memphis.

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