Wed Oct 7th Political Prisoner Letter Writing Dinner

October Political Prisoner Letter Writing Dinner
Wednesday October 7th, 6:30pm
6th Ave United Church of Christ
3250 E 6th Ave, Denver CO

October’s Letter Writing Night is right around the corner.  There are quite a few political prisoners requesting letters right now so if you haven’t made it to a letter writing night, this is a great time to start.  As always, a family-friendly spaghetti dinner, materials, guidance and childcare will all be available.

This month we’ll be focusing on:
-The upcoming parole hearings of Sundiata Acoli and Jalil Muntaqim (whose birthday is also Oct 18th)
-Oso Blanco’s unjust denial of medical attention, abuse at the hands of staff and tampering with mail
-Prisoners with October birthdays: Eric McDavid, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, David Gilbert, Michael Africa, Herman Wallace, Robert Seth Hayes, Antonio Guerrero, Jalil Muntaqim, Edward Africa, and Kevin Kjonaas

Hope to see you there!
Denver ABC

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  1. […] Also, letters and cards will be written/signed during the Denver ABC monthly letter writing night on October 7th. […]

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