Anti-Imperialist Prisoner of War Jaan Laaman’s RDTW Reportback

Jaan LaamanHere in USP Tucson, we had a morning run — 33 brothers , Black, white, Latino (Cubano,Boricua, Mexicano, Nica), one wheelchair Boston and a few old heads who walked some and ran some, rolled, walked and Ran Down the Walls here in the Sonoran desert. We had a few words before we took off as one large group, reminding everyone that as we ran many many others behind other walls were running, as well as people in 12 cities across the country – separated by miles and walls, but united in our efforts for Justice and Freedom. WE also said a few words about this being Leonard (Peltier’s) birthday and the 15 year hit the parole board recently gave him – we ran for him and for all of us. Everyone took some inspiration in this unity and solidarity and everyone felt positive after finishing the 13 laps we ran, which was just over 5k.

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