Ariel Attack arraignment update

Today at 9am on 9/9/09, Ariel had arraignment in court. The official charge by the state is one count felony 4 criminal mischief, as expected. Ariel’s appearance was waived and motions were approved for permission to leave the state and for a later court date of November 5. That will be a disposition hearing.

And thus…

We still need your money for legal fees. Steal a little extra from your boss this week and send it our way:
mail: Friends of Ariel | 1065 Lipan St | Denver, CO 80204
or paypal

Mark your calendar:
Remember, remember the Fifth of November. That’s right, Ariel’s next court date is Guy Fawkes Day. 8:30am. Supporters encouraged to come and show support, Guy Fawkes masks optional.

And now, the real reason you’re following this case… fashion photos!

Any questions, comments, or funny pictures you drew of the prosecutor?

Up the struggle, down the prisons!

Friends of Ariel Attack

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